Day 2 Day


Today I am just going to take this time to do my duty as an internet junkie to post a ton of cute, adorable, and just so gosh darn precious pictures of kittens. As if the internet wasn’t full of enough cat pictures… A few days ago I took my oldest and dearest friend on a surprise afternoon trip to the Cat Depot! For those of you who have never experienced the magical wonderland, that is the Cat Depot, it is basically a big warehouse filled to the brim with the cutest and cuddliest of the earth’s creatures, KITTENS! All of the cats live in little communities, they have a pudgy habitat for all the bigger boned felines, a whole area for elderly and calm cats, and not one but three whole rooms of baby kittens! Every cat has been checked, had their shots, and are ready for adoption! It was a truly puuuuurrrrrfect day. Ha ha, I’ll stop meow. Okay, I’m just let the pictures speak for themselves. But really, if you don’t feel the urge to reach out and pet your screen when viewing these amazing kitten pics, you’ve cat to be kitten me.

Sorry.. here they are.


If looking at these precious kittens has left you wanting more, head down to the Cat Depot! You can just go and play with them or really take the plunge by adopting one of these little guys! Just go to

to see all of their events and hours

Check out my rad best friend Brianne’s blog while you’re trolling the interweb, yo.


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