Day 2 Day

She’s A DG To The Bone-Buh-Buh-Bone

After a good 10-day computer hiatus I am now back to the blogosphere.

No, it’s not because I didn’t have anything to write about, it’s because I had far too much TO write about.  A week and a half ago I ventured back to Tampaland USA and although classes haven’t started yet I have been busy every minute of every day, with the daunting sorority Spirit Week. With college starting back up tomorrow we must prepare for that time of year every sorority woman dreads and looks forward to at the same time, recruitment. As prep we get ready by spending quality sisterhood time together, otherwise known as Spirit Week. These seven days consists of singing, conversation prep, spending 12 hours a day with 100 sisters plus, and tears (happy and sad).

Recruitment is a cool thing, really it is. You get to meet a ton of awesome girls, in a very organized and safe environment, over a short period of time in order to find where you fit in the Greek community. It’s a lot like speed dating, actually. I would recommend all girls to go through recruitment if they are even slightly entertaining the idea. You’ll be nervous and out of your comfort zone, but don’t worry about it, SO ARE WE! I have met my very best friends and amazing role models, who I would have never gotten the opportunity to become close with if it wasn’t for my sorority. I am obsessed with my sisters, the rituals on which we were based, and the fact that we get to go out and better our community while we ourselves, are learning and growing. I couldn’t have asked for a better college experience and it’s because I have had the chance to spend it with women on campus with my similar goals and values. These women I have the privilege of calling my sisters are there for me whenever I need a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, study partner, some good old gym motivation, or go with me to grab some sushi with when I have an intense craving (which is pretty much every minute of every single day). They are truly here to make me the best version of myself.

Okay, okay I could literally talk about my sisters for days upon days.

So… Spirit Week. Wow. This past week has been a rollercoaster. Here is the full lowdown. To start the week off we spent the entirety of 3 whole days practicing songs for the PMNs (Potential New Members) during recruitment, playing huge games of Jenga with all of my sisters, and tons of other bonding experiences.

My all time favorite part of this week was an activity we did on day 2. For this task we were all separated into random groups of about 20 and given a white board. We all had to take turns holding up the board and each member of our group had the chance to write something they love about us on the board. But there was a twist on this game and that was if you were holding the board you weren’t allowed to look at it when your sisters wrote on it. After they finished writing a member of the group took your picture holding the board and then erased all the lovely things said about you, without even you yourself even getting the chance to read it! Later that night all the pictures of us and our boards were posted on Facebook. It was not only the BIGGEST boost to each and every one of our self-esteem, but the words and phrases that were written were really true! An overwhelming gratitude and love for my sisters came over me when reading what sisters wrote on my board, but more importantly what they chose to write on other’s boards. The most heart-warming part of the experience was the fact that everything was more than skin deep. Of course it is always great to hear that someone thinks you have pretty eyes or perfectly quaffed hair, but it really hits home when someone describes you as “sunshine personified”.


After spending these days together doing “work” we went on a retreat, which is always the most anticipated part of our Spirit Week experience. This year it was a total surprise! All 100 of us were told to meet at our house at noon and bring a bathing suit, towel, toiletries, pjs, some clothes, and be prepared to be out of town for 2 nights. When we arrived at the house the next day we packed up our cars and headed to the address given to us. It was a beach resort in Tampa called Sailport! All of my sisters and I spent the entirety of those 3 days hanging out on our private beach, competing in relay races, and of course, eating. It was the most relaxing and fun, yet also productive Spirit Week to date!

Upon arriving home, we practiced some conversation techniques, gardened and beautified the entire entrance of our house, and scrubbed the interior, top to bottom. Really, this week has been exhausting. Who knew talking and singing for hours on end could make you so tired? I wouldn’t change this week for anything. Getting the chance to spend quality time with such a stellar group of inspiring women is a memory I will cherish above all.

Now here I am, finally rested up and ready for not only the adventure that is fall semester, but also sorority recruitment which begins next Sunday. So if you are a collegiate woman at USF and are dancing around the idea of sorority recruitment, do it. NOW. All 9 Panhellenic Sororities on USF’s campus have so much to offer!

Check out the Panhellenic website

Or like their Facebook page







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