Day 2 Day

Est. 2014

Ever since I was the age of 12 my New Year’s Resolution has been to lose weight. Year after year I start off dedicated to going to the gym every single day, sometimes even twice, however this only seems to last up until about Valentines. It is at that point where I have given up all hopes of achieving the sought after Spring Break bod and mourn all of those countless hours lost at the gym over a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked.

This year is different than all of it’s predecessors.

2014 is the year of following through.

It’s the reason that I have failed at reaching my ideal beach body, the fact that I can’t play the guitar, the cause to why I finish only half of the books I pick up, and the blame to why I don’t have my life anywhere near together yet. I have this problem that when I find something I like, it fully consumes me. This one thing becomes my number one priority and everything else seems to dissolve from existence. This may seem like a good thing, sure, I am fully dedicated to my one passion. That’s not the problem, however, the problem is the fact that once something new and exciting comes along, I leave my old obsession half finished and am on to the next one. The whole cycle repeats itself constantly and I never seem to accomplish anything fully and whole-heartedly.

That’s why this year I am making it my goal to follow through with everything I decide to take on. This difficult task will involve not over programming myself and putting too much on my plate at one time. I have to understand that things don’t happen overnight. Although we live in an instant world where everything is constantly at our fingertips, good things take time and most importantly hard work.

So, cheers. Cheers to a year filled with meaningful and worthwhile accomplishments.



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