Day 2 Day

Quali-tea Adventure

Today I had the fortune of spending the entire day with my favorite gal pal and partner in crime, Anna. I received my brand new Nikon D3200 yesterday afternoon through the snail mail and officially had the chance to break it in on our adventure. After finishing homework this morning , the two of us got ready, hopped in the car, and headed to our favorite trendy lunch spot, Oxford Exchange. After we sipped their notorious teas and feasted on gourmet locally grown food, we trekked around the campus of University of Tampa (which is magnificent). We couldn’t just let our adventure end as a walk in the park so we hit up my girl Siri in order to take us to the closest ice cream shop. Of course, she pulled up Bo’s Ice Cream which happened to be smack down in the middle of the ghetto of Nebraska Ave, but how could we turn down a 5-star review?! It was a pretty rad day.

Oh here are a few reasons why I love spending time with Anna

  • She is outgoing, positive, and energetic.
  • There is nothing she doesn’t know about pop culture celebs. (Queen Bey, Tay Swift, 1D, Selena, Kimye, and North West.)
  • Her fashion sense is edgy, refined, and high class.
  • She let’s me drag her all around Tampa and it’s surrounding areas on pointless adventures and photo shoots.



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