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America’s Pastime

There is something about a sunny Sunday afternoon in spring that just screams “take me out to the ball game”. Going to a good old fashion baseball game is a tradition that never gets old year after year. I’m not the biggest sports fan so the fact that I enjoy, even look forward to these games, blows my mine. I can’t quite put my finger on what I love most about them. Maybe it’s because baseball is the one sport I truly understand or it could be the nostalgia of spending the afternoon with my grandfather at a Ray’s game. Perhaps it’s the fact that there is a little danger in going to the games, I mean you can get hit by a fly ball! Actually while sitting in the stands this past weekend Jordan and I learned that around 5 people a year die from being hit in the head with a baseball. I also love watching all of the people in the stand that are so intrigued by the game. You know the ones who are keeping track in their little books, there are even people recording the speed of the pitches. The more I think about it however, the more my feelings lean towards the fact that baseball players are so gosh darn good looking. Oh, and those tight pants… God, I love baseball.


God bless America & God bless the Bulls.



Shout out to Jordan, the ultimate sass queen for accompanying me on this rad afternoon.


One thought on “America’s Pastime

  1. Mady Dudney says:

    I want to go!! I have a high school friend that attends all the home games. Her son is on the team., Luke Maglich.

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