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The Tampa Food Truck Rally

Food trucks have become overwhelmingly popular over the past few years, so much that there seems to be a different one for each subculture food group. No matter what kind of obscure or bizarre food you could be in the mood for, there is probably a truck ready to serve it. And who would have thought that Tampa is one of the largest food truck hubs in the US? Not this girl, that’s for sure. Tampa is actually home to the World’s Largest Food Truck Rally, which occurs every March. Along with the food truck cafeteria downtown almost every afternoon, there is an assortment of food trucks parked right on USF campus every Monday thru Friday near USF Health.

Last night Kelsey, Kasey, and I were adventurous enough to head over to the rally right across the street at MOSI, which they have one Friday each month. The trucks ranged from classics like cupcakes and wings to strictly lobster and German sausage trucks and everything in between. After meandering around checking out all of our options Kelsey and Kasey decided on some sort of traditional yet funky Hawaiian truck, while I went with the ever so popular Renny’s Asian-fusion truck. Everything. was. awesome. We practically licked our paper plates and styrofoam containers clean. I had the Soba, Kelsey had a healthy wrap, and Kasey and fancy chili, but there are so many other tasty foods I have left to try.

So if you are up for a culinary adventure and are in Tampa, FL make sure to check out the local food truck schedule, maybe I’ll see you there!



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