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Tampa Yoga in the Park

Thanks to Yoga Downtown anyone is able to enjoy the splendor that is Vinyasa flow yoga in the Curtis Hixon Park every single Sunday. I am always looking for new fun things to do in Tampa, preferably things that don’t involve eating or drinking, because that seems to be the main way people socialize in college. My physique and wallet are both paying the price on that one. When my friends and I saw that there was free yoga in the park we were ecstatic and planned our whole day around it.

It was everything we hoped it would be. The gentle Vinyasa flow was the perfect way to end our long stressful week and start our new week with a balanced and peaceful mind. The grass beneath our towels made it easy to find our center as we strengthened our bodies in warrior poses, chaturanga, and lots of downward facing dog. We had a little hiccup halfway through the class when the heavens opened up on Tampa and a torrential downpour began, but as a part of yoga and a part of life, we learned to be flexible and continued our flow beneath the awning. Right as we went into shavasana all you could hear was the thunder and rain all around us. It was a much needed way to end a Sunday and we will be going back every week. I hope to see you there.




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