Trial & Error

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m not trying to discredit myself, I am just admitting to the fact that I truly know nothing about photography. I know what looks pretty and about lighting and how to edit, but when it comes to the technical stuff like depth, angles, and F-stops I am totally lost. This past week when my friend, Rob offered to take me out on his night photography tour of downtown I was ecstatic to learn a little something from a real professional.

When we got started in Curtis Hixon Park the sun was still up and with that I was still in my element. Rob taught me about angles and made it clear that when taking a shot I had to pick a subject, you know the technical things. I was super surprised that I wasn’t aware of these little things that can make or break the successful impact of your photo. I was totally getting the hang of it. I took some shots of the UT landscape, a couple of the Sykes building, the reflection of the downtown landscape through a mirror, and even snuck a couple of Rob. I was pretty sure of my photography abilities. However, when the sun went down so did my confidence.

Okay, I was totally oblivious on the basic concepts of lighting at night and even how my camera worked. The rest of the night was all about trial and error, but I can’t say all the photos turned out heinous. Plus, we did have a little unexpected adventure in UT, where I got to play some piano and made a life changing speech to an audience of one.  It was a fun little learning experience and I would now consider myself a night photography amateur. Summer is about adventures and hobbies so I am looking forward to understanding more about my camera and the whole photography thing now that I have some extra time. Anyway, here are some of the couple rad shots I got that night.



Make sure to check out Rob’s site for fun photography tours of downtown Tampa and maybe you could learn a little something something about night photography too!


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