Day 2 Day

Ryland Panganiban

A few months ago I made a post featuring the beautiful and very pregnant Shannan Panganiban and her new puppy, Nala. Now I am so honored to present Shannan and Heath’s new baby son, Ryland.

After waiting four days past his original due date, taking multiple walks around Ellenton mall, and enduring over 30 hours of labor, their healthy little angel was born July 23rd at exactly 1pm! You go Shannan! It is absolutely unreal that my dear friends are now parents! Woah. I officially have friends who are parents! I am friends with a mom! It feels like it was just yesterday we were doodling cats in Biology and making poking fun of Dr. Wachs’ nonsense in Yearbook.

Ryland has such amazing role models to look up to. I know that the two of them will be the most stellar and cool parents out there. It is going to be an adventure watching Ryland grow over his lifetime and I am so glad to be apart it.

Come on, how precious is he?! Congrats Shanny & Heath!

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