Rad Tunes

SOS Playlist

When I moved to Italy I was fully prepared to be serenaded by accordion players, men in striped shirts rowing me down the river in a gondola, and by talented old opera singers. Little did I know, Italians strictly listen to music produced in America. This would be rad, however they seem to be stuck in a weird limbo between only listening to my man Lionel Ritchie or rappers from the early 2000s. So other than the totally addicting album by Taylor Swift that came out yesterday, I am completely oblivious to the hip new music all the young whippersnappers are listening to now-a-days. I’ve done pretty well figuring out this little dilemma on my own. So I made my own playlist of new and old songs and artists that I know I could never get sick of, because well, their all I’ve got.

Beware. These songs are addicting.

  1. Homecoming – The Teenagers
  2. I Wanna Go – Summer Heart
  3. Archie, Marry Me – Alvvays
  4. Had To Hear – Real Estate
  5. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. – Noah and The Whale
  6. Sick Beat – Kero Kero Bonito
  7. Girls – The 1975
  8. Everything Is Embarrassing – Sky Ferreira
  9. Mother & Father – Broods
  10. Take You Higher – Goodwill, Hook N Sling
  11. Liar – Built To Spill
  12. Sunshine Girl – Dandy Livingstone

But seriously, my fellow Americans out there,

If you know of any stellar songs that I drastically need in my life, feel free to enlighten me.



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