The Fam Meets Florence

With only two weeks left in this surreal city I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my what now feels like a very short stay here in Florence. Between all the weekend trips, crazy nights out, and afternoons exploring my home it’s hard to say what my favorite moment has been. But in the category of best week ever while studying here in Florence, the winner is definitely when my mom, aunt, and grandma came to visit me all the way across the globe.

The whole week was a dream. Nanny conquered the walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo and Aunt Sue conquered her fear of heights by climbing the Duomo. On Halloween we celebrated by holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa then we went to dinner where we were the only ones in some sort of makeshift costumes. We got cappuccinos delivered to our bedside by my amazing Aunt Sue every morning. The four of us ventured to Cinque Terre where we completed our bucket list and even got to go boating. The yoga gurus took a local restorative yoga class. We went to the Mercato Centrale pretty much every day to meet our needs of eating good food and buying leather gifts. We trudged around the Uffizi Gallery. Our crew went from being the coolest kids at the wine tasting one night, to being served wine out of a cardboard box the next. We cooked a real Italian dinner and even made our own pasta. But most importantly, we got “hollered at” by some of the world’s hottest Italian firefighters.

We laughed a lot, drank a lot, ate a lot, got scammed by fake apartment renter (we have a major bone to pick with this ‘Maria Conboni’), and rode a lot of sketchy public transportation. Simply put, it was quite possible one of the best weeks of my life.   Not only did I get to explore my home, but also I got to do it with some of my favorite people. Thanks for coming guys.

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Just Your Average School Day

Gosh, everyday is a new crazy and totally random adventure. It feels as though the typical school day consists of getting a cappuccino stop at one of my many favorite bars, studying on the rooftop terrace at the library, then class which normally means group collaboration or going to a museum, followed by some sort of flashmob, blogger event, or aperitif to end the evening. You know, causal.

This Wednesday was no exception. For my PR Strategies class we took a field trip to gorgeous Gucci Museum where we took a gander at the world’s first Gucci handbag and the dress Blake Lively wore to the Gucci Premiere and in their perfume ad. Then between class went to our favorite shabby chic coffee, gelato, and crepe cafe, La Milkeria, where I made my own cafe latte. Honestly, one of these days I might just bring a sleeping bag and hide in the bathroom so I can live in that cute little cafe forever. As if the day couldn’t get any better, later that evening we went to a little event put on by The Florentine Newspaper and a local bedding store. It was a public pillow fight. Yes, you read that right. My friends and I participated in a giant pillow fight right in front of the Duomo with complete strangers just for the fun of it. The event was BYOP, face paint optional, and was being filmed for the news. We were immediately split up into teams and we sent into battle. Half way through the bell towers started ringing all around us. It was epic. I have never seen or heard of, let alone participated in anything so random in my entire life. Unfortunately, I can’t be certain which team won exactly, but when I was being interviewed for a YouTube channel documenting the entire event I claimed my team was the obvious victors.

Life is so unpredictable. Each and every day I wake up to a brand new adventure with absolutely no warning, let alone any sort of consistency. Florence was made for my somewhat creative tendencies and lack of attention span. Now I can’t image life any other way.


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A Little Florentine R&R

Some people are naturally talented musicians, some are born genius mathematicians, others can inspire a group of people to create a world-changing movement using the power of speech alone.

I, however, have found my true passion and gift in finding random local events and happenings, especially ones including yoga and food. This Sunday was a prime example of my sheer luck for finding miscellaneous adventures. It normally occurs in a series of events like this:

I woke up with no plans, laid in bed, checked my Twitter feed, saw a retweet by a Florentine blogger of another local blogger about an event at the pristine and very private Four Seasons Florence, remembered that’s the hotel George Clooney stayed in while he was here a few weeks ago for around 1,050 euros a night, called the hotel to make sure it was all inclusive, and boom. I gathered a couple of my roommates and we were there.

The entire day was literally out of a dream. The largest and most elegant private garden in Florence owned by the Four Seasons opened it’s door to the public for one day only and was our very own spa/playground for the day. For a measly 15 euros we spent the day getting facials, eating only the best gluten free organic local foods, sipping on italian espressos, and taking multiple yoga classes in the garden with a view of the Duomo, all within the confines of this luxury resort. Seriously, how did I get so lucky? It was by far the best and most relaxing day I’ve spent in Florence so far and the perfect way to unwind in this beautiful foreign country I get to call home.

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