Dani’s Grad Shoot

So Dani and I go way back.

We met our freshman year while we were little Anchor Babies in DG. She was a freshman way beyond her years who always had something intelligent to say, could knock some sense into you, and save your life. It was weird; somehow everyone knew and admired her even though she didn’t go out to any parties because she was studying for nursing.

Well kids, all the studying does pay off. Somehow Dani managed to graduate the nursing program a year early with a stellar GPA and get her dream residency in the ICU at Tampa General Hospital, while still having a social life. To this day I cannot say I have met anyone more driven than this beauty. Dani is someone who will truly make a difference in the world every single day and be a role model to many.


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To The Beautiful Rachel Canning.

As the day draws closer it’s finally starting to hit me. My sister, friend, roommate, role model, but most especially, my Bronze is leaving to travel the country as a consultant for Delta Gamma for the next year.

Three years ago I had no idea what to expect coming into college. I was a lost puppy, but through the recruitment process I found my home in Delta Gamma and my role model in Rachel Canning.

It all started bid day when all the new “Anchor Babies” ran home and we were all thrown in an impromptu dance party, where I did not know a single soul. It was terrifying and awkward and super exciting all at the same time. At the end of the night I was given a candle and a buddy, a “bronze” they called it. Mine was Rachel and little did I know it at the time, but this was the beginning of a life changing friendship. Some of my fondest memories and pretty much all of my firsts at USF were with Rachel. She took me to my first football game and introduced me to some of the coolest clubs around (Bulls Club and Club Lib).

Over the past three years she has truly been my anchor as cheesy as that sounds. She is always giving me advice when I come to her, tells me the truth when I don’t want to hear it, and is constantly picking me up when my life is in shambles. We lived in the house down the hall the past two years and live together now and I can’t imagine going the next year without seeing her shining face every day. Wow.. That’s really hard to think about. I don’t want to think about this anymore. I’m done with this post.

Rachel, we both know this next year is going to be a tough one, but in a really rad way. I mean you can literally do anything, you are superwoman. I just want you to know how much you mean to me and everyone you have impacted over the past few years. This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later.



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worn by brenna.

This is my roommate Brenna.

She loves Beyonce, cheesy jokes, things that sparkle, and is pretty much a mermaid.

Brenna is queen of summertime style.

Yesterday we explored downtown Tampa and she rocked this hot romper, classic jean jacket, Alex and Ani bangle bracelets, simple anchor necklace, and some rad geometric sandals from a “nameless ratchet store” (her words, not mine).

This may be the epitome of summer style 2k14.


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Trial & Error

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m not trying to discredit myself, I am just admitting to the fact that I truly know nothing about photography. I know what looks pretty and about lighting and how to edit, but when it comes to the technical stuff like depth, angles, and F-stops I am totally lost. This past week when my friend, Rob offered to take me out on his night photography tour of downtown I was ecstatic to learn a little something from a real professional.

When we got started in Curtis Hixon Park the sun was still up and with that I was still in my element. Rob taught me about angles and made it clear that when taking a shot I had to pick a subject, you know the technical things. I was super surprised that I wasn’t aware of these little things that can make or break the successful impact of your photo. I was totally getting the hang of it. I took some shots of the UT landscape, a couple of the Sykes building, the reflection of the downtown landscape through a mirror, and even snuck a couple of Rob. I was pretty sure of my photography abilities. However, when the sun went down so did my confidence.

Okay, I was totally oblivious on the basic concepts of lighting at night and even how my camera worked. The rest of the night was all about trial and error, but I can’t say all the photos turned out heinous. Plus, we did have a little unexpected adventure in UT, where I got to play some piano and made a life changing speech to an audience of one.  It was a fun little learning experience and I would now consider myself a night photography amateur. Summer is about adventures and hobbies so I am looking forward to understanding more about my camera and the whole photography thing now that I have some extra time. Anyway, here are some of the couple rad shots I got that night.



Make sure to check out Rob’s site for fun photography tours of downtown Tampa and maybe you could learn a little something something about night photography too!


Jake Graduates.

Congratulations to my rad little brother, Jake for graduating from Riverview High School yesterday morning. You seem to amaze me more and more everyday. I know this is just one small milestone compared to the whole life you have ahead of you, but today I am so overwhelmingly proud to call you my brother. You have grown so much over the past four years and I can’t wait to see what awesome opportunities the future has in store for you. You might be one of the coolest people I have ever met. I am honored to be considered one of the “bros” and have you as my best friend. I love you dude. Congrats.



clubhouse 302

Welcome to clubhouse 302. This summer it will be home to some of USF’s elite. Among the four of us who reside in this humble abode we make up three homecoming queens, two of the most ghetto fab sorority girls you’ll ever meet, one and a half red heads, and four best friends. I am so thankful I will be able to call this place home for the next few months through all the afternoon rain showers, long classes, pool parties, and lazy days we will endure this upcoming summer. Now may I present my little project over the past two day.

clubhouse 302b.